[This is the preliminary material at the beginning of the book entitled The Dispossession of the American Indian – And Other Key Issues in American History, published in Washington, D.C., by Scott-Townsend Publishers in 1995.  The chapters are reprints of articles that appeared in the Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies and/or Conservative Review.  The chapter here on “Lynching: History and Analysis” had been published as an article, but also constituted the first two parts of Murphey’s monograph by that name.  The monograph has a third part, which is a discussion of the nature of “justice.”  That part does not appear here, but instead with the entire monograph, which appears separately on this Web site.]

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*The Historic Dispossession of the American Indian       7

*The Relocation of the Japanese-Americans During World War II      22

*Kent State, May 1-5, 1970       44

*The Hollywood Blacklist       64

*The J. Robert Oppenheimer Case        82

*Lynching: History and Analysis        115





            I am pleased to dedicate this collection of essays to the late Lillian Baker, a woman of great attainment and courage. She was for many years the leader in the effort to make available to the American people an accurate account of the relocation of the Japanese-Americans from the west coast during World War II. To that end, she combined exhaustive scholarship with a profound love for the United States of America.