Dwight D. Murphey

2412 Hathway Circle

Wichita, Kansas 67226-1111

(316) 682-7387 


                                                                                                                                                                            June 3, 2005



Ms. Pam Penfold, Editor


Koenig Alumni Center

University of Colorado

Boulder, CO 80309-0459


Dear Ms. Penfold: 


            It was quite a surprise for me to see Silvia Pettem’s article in the June 2005 Coloradan recounting the campus controversy in which I was involved in 1953-4. 

            Fifty-two years have gone by, and even though the controversy does continue to seem like “just yesterday” to me, I have forgotten many of the details.  I don’t recall, for example, ever having been informed that the Daily misprinted my first letter to it because of a linotype error, and then misprinted the second through another error.  If Mr. Angove, the editor, had been so gracious as to correct those errors at the time, some of the controversy may perhaps have been avoided.  It’s amazing that he refused to publish any further letters from me, and that the Board of Publications even found me “intellectually dishonest,” after it was the Daily that had garbled my first letters.   

            It would have been helpful if Ms. Pettem had interviewed me, as she did Mr. Angove, before writing the piece.  The writing seems to show that she was trying to be fair; but without talking to me she didn’t get all of the information she needed.  I was an undergraduate (later inducted into the C.U. chapter of Phi Beta Kappa) who was standing up against what I correctly saw as the overwhelmingly leftist orientation of the University. 

            Despite it all, I had a wonderful undergraduate experience, and look back on those years with a fondness that the realities of the time may not fully justify. 


                                                                               Very truly yours, 


                                                                               Dwight D. Murphey